Buy To Let Mortgage Review

Buy To Let Mortgage Review

Today's best mortgage scheme could be out of date in three months time, or may have outlived its usefulness to you...

Why should you have a buy to let mortgage review?

Lenders are constantly changing their criteria and product range. Unless you regularly review your portfolio - and the mortgage facilities - you could quickly find that it is not working as hard as it could for you.

Who can benefit from a Buy to Let Review?

Whether you have one property, or a large portfolio, keeping up to date on facilities can be like stumbling around in the dark... you know you will bump into something eventually, you just hope it doesn't hurt too much.

What would a buy to let review do for you?

The first thing is to check your full circumstances - everybody and every property will be slightly different. So it follows that the best solution may also differ in each case. Your status details will be needed, plus details of the property, usage, rental income, valuations etcetera. The details of the existing mortgage will also be needed, firstly to check whether it is suited to your needs and secondly to establish whether there are any penalties if you decide to switch to something better.

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Then we determine what you are trying to achieve from the properties. A person in full-time employment with a single semi-detached house as an investment may have a particular need... perhaps just to find the lowest monthly payment to be able to benefit from the surplus rental income, or perhaps to find a way of raising money to purchase other property. A professional landlord may need to completely review his facilities to make his portfolio work harder for him, maybe by reducing the monthly payments, or releasing more money for more acquisitions - or both!

A mixed portfolio could be financed by one lender who has always been very supportive - but are you getting the best from the facilities available? They may be the best lender for the flat above a shop, but they may be less generous for the house with a low rental yield, or the one that needs urgent improvements... and what about the big house down the road that you would like to buy and convert into four flats?

No lender is the best at everything, no matter how good they are at most things.

A Buy to let mortgage review, with an experienced Buy to let broker, will give you the opportunity to make sure the portfolio is working to its optimum for YOUR benefit. It gives an alternative view to how you can best meet your immediate and future objectives - sometimes you are just too close, or too busy to see the alternatives available.

If you have not reviewed your facilities, or asked yourself what YOU want the properties to do for YOU, in the last three months then you are likely to benefit from a review. The worst that can happen is that we confirm you cannot improve your position at the present time.

Get your FREE Buy to Let Review

If you need a FREE Review of your portfolio by the experts in the field you can call us today on 0845 6010153 or send us an email here. Which ever way you choose to contact us we will be happy to assist in any way we can. We specialise in Self Certification, Buy To Let and Adverse Credit mortgages and remortgages both residential and commercial. We offer the most competitive mortgage rates and insurances in the industry all backed up with our unique Guarantee.

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